Max Hirsch from The Airport City Academy


The Airport City Academy will take place at Vienna International Airport on 5–6 December 2019. This two-day training course is a masterclass on successful airport city development, led by AERIAL FUTURES board member Dr. Max Hirsch and Pieter van der Horst. Bringing together industry experts from diverse fields, including real estate, urban planning, and airport commercial development, the Academy will empower participants to identify their own airport city’s unique strengths and site-specific advantages, and brainstorm future growth strategies that build on those strengths. To apply, visit We spoke to Dr. Max Hirsch about the academy and its goals.


AERIAL FUTURES: What is unique about the Airport City Academy?


Max Hirsch: ACA's curriculum combines rigorous in-class training modules with site visits to airport city developments. This unique mix of theory and practice offers participants an in-depth understanding of each step of the development process and empowers them to apply classroom learning to real-world case studies ranging from small regional airports to global mega-hubs.

In addition, Airport City Academy is led by experts who have extensive experience with full-cycle airport city project development. With complementary backgrounds in real estate, market research, and urban development, our instructors provide a global view of leading-edge development strategies that have been successfully implemented in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

AF: What is unique about the Airport City Academy?


MH: Vienna Airport has recently completed a state-of-the-art airport city. VIE is a living laboratory for studying successful airport real estate development.

AF: Who should attend?


MH: Airport City Academy is designed for senior managers and future leaders working at airport authorities, and for developers and urban planners involved in the development of airport areas. The compact course format is tailored to the career needs of busy professionals who are eager to deepen their knowledge and expand their skill set in a short time.